The Premier Private Psychiatry Clinic

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Bexley Clinic

The Premier Private Psychiatry Clinic in Auckland founded in 1961.

Our group of seven Psychiatric Specialists and two Senior Psychologists also serve or have served in the public sector as consultants. We are all committed to the Medical Council's principles of confidentiality and ethical behaviour and to the ongoing continuing educational post graduate programs monitored by the Royal College of Australian and New Zealand Psychiatrists and recognised for vocational registration by the Medical Council.

The expertise of the Clinic's members covers a wide variety of patients' problems including:

  1. Psychiatric Disorders, emotional distress related to life situations, marital problems, drug and alcohol dependency.
  2. Medico-legal reports to a number of institutions e.g. ACC.
  3. Reports for legal counsel on behalf of those facing charges or seeking compensation.
  4. War Pensions.
  5. Immigration.
  6. Competence assessments for the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act, more specifically for the elderly related to wills and their validity.
The private service offers continuity of contact with a specific consultant if desired.

An individual's temperament, upbringing, family dynamics, genetic makeup and physical health are all assessed at the first interview. Subsequent to a full history and observation of the patient's emotional and mental state, an assessment by the Psychiatrist is offered and discussed with the patient. With the patient's cooperation an agreement is reached allowing recommendations that are considered appropriate to meet the patient's needs. This may involve medication, counselling, a combination of both or advice depending on the specific needs of the patient.

Julian Reeves and Renate Bellve-Wack are psychologists affiliated with Bexley Clinic.

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